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Even its made in 2005, it cannot be more fit for this country right now. We may have the so called freedom of speech, but theres always something we arent allowed to say. Were still blocked by thiswallfrom the outside world. There may be a lot of horrible things that weve never heard of couldnt make it to the television. Different becomes the dangerous word. We even arent allowed to love who we really love. They think were suppose to be the same, be the person that we look like, not to be the person that is inside ourselves. Whats the problem with one falls in love with the other who is the same gender with him? Are they so afraid that different kind of love, and essentially its only just love, would destroy this country? Or merely because homosexual couldnt give birth? And what really makes one angry is that they even pay more attention to this stuff than the true menace in this society. The sad true is there is no V in real life, and no one have the courage to be V. Were just the audience who relate to it, being part of it for only two hours, and still cant do nothing about the world we live in. V is an idea. V is hope. And V is only just a dream.



未来的英国社会处于极权统治的高压下,不能容许同性恋者、异教徒等社会角色的存在,人民在黑暗政权下苟延残喘。 这晚,年轻女子艾薇(娜塔丽·波特曼 Natalie Portman饰)身陷险境,幸得V(雨果·维文 Hugo Weaving饰)相助。V是一个永远带着面具的神秘男子,拥有高智商和超凡战斗力。V继承了前革命英雄的使命,为了推翻荒唐极权的统治阶层,他成立了神秘的地下组织,摧毁了伦敦的标志性建筑,点燃了反政府的熊熊烈火。 艾薇和V深入接触,不仅得知了V的神秘使命,还渐渐发现原来自己的身世,注定了自己和V是同一条阵线的人。